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Jobscan - Why it can help...

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The year of 2020 has presented one challenge after another. It’s been a repeat for college graduates, with similar graduating conditions nearly 12 years ago! College grads are finding it challenging, entering tight job markets and networking opportunities.

As if creating a resume isn’t stressful enough, high rates of unemployment is something no college grad had hopes for in receiving a college diploma. So, now it's resume time!

I remember thinking, “This resume is perfect, it has to land me one of the twenty-seven jobs I just applied for…” Then a few days later your inbox starts to fill up with rejection letters, and waves of doubt in the “Why? What did I do wrong…?”

Don’t panic! There is help. Consider using JobScan with your next application. You see, there is a two-word secret in today’s job search. Key Words! Yes, that’s it.

You see, every job description is looking for Key Words in your resume. If the job description is asking for a “Go Getter”, then why would you use the words “Self Starter”.

JobScan is a tool that helps you tailor your resume to the key words used in the description of the job. (Of course, you have to actually have the skills being requested in the job!) But, this tool helps you perfect your resume for the automated systems that complete mass screening of resumes.

Want help in using Jobscan? Book with SoulFIRE Strong!

Get your resume to a real recruiter and get that call for an interview! Take one step closer to that career with Jobscan.

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